Your Autumn Cleaning Checklist

The changing seasons act as an easy calendar reminder to take on some bulkier cleaning tasks. In Autumn, we target areas which have either received high traffic in Summer, or are expecting high traffic in Winter. Read on to see what our professional cleaners recommend tackling as the weather cools down.


Autumn is a good time to clean windows and remove the visible effects of La Nina which has run through Summer. A dry, warm autumn has been predicted, so now is the perfect time to let all that extra light in and enjoy sparkling windows!

Cob-web dusting

We’ve been through spider season! Now is the time to dust around your home and remove the cobwebs which have appeared over the last 3 months. Start from the top of your walls and work your way down. Remember corners, crevices and around light fittings.

Upholstery cleaning

Winter generally means a lot of time indoors, cosying up on the couch. Before we get there, now is a good time to ensure your interior spaces are refreshed. Professional upholstery cleaning will provide you with the best results, but for an at home solution we recommend sprinkling some bicarb soda over your upholstery then vacuum using a soft brush attachment.

Outdoor furniture

Autumn is a great time to wash away the dirt and wear and tear from Summer. Pressure cleaning is the quickest and easiest way to tidy floors. Remove outdoor furniture covers, wash and store them where possible.

Declutter summer items

Go through your belongings and get rid of anything you no longer need or use. Store summer items, pack away summer clothing, outdoor equipment, and other seasonal items which may not be of use.

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