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Call The Jim’s Driveway Cleaning team to restore your driveway to like new condition. Our team will remove built up dirt and grime from concrete, pavers and brickwork using our professional, top of the line equipment. There’s no job too big or small for our Driveway Cleaning team – we service both commercial and domestic customers.

The Jim’s Driveway Cleaning team are fully insured, police checked and trained to ensure you are 100% happy with the services completed.

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It’s recommended that Australian homeowners pressure wash their concrete driveways at least once in a year. Pressure cleaning is an effective cleaning method which helps prevent premature damage to driveways. It also helps increase curb appeal and ensure that the landscape of your home looks clean and new. Homeowners looking to sell their house may need to clean the driveways as it helps add to the first impression of potential buyers.

Driveway pressure cleaning

Driveways take a lot of abuse and you can see it. Even if you just moved into a new property or you just repaved it, your driveways will with time show signs of attrition. Vehicles will track mud, gravel, dirt, and pollen onto the surfaces making them look streaked and stained. While rain may wash away some of this debris and stains, others will remain on the surfaces. Over time, grime will continue building up, entering any cracks and openings in the concrete, pavers and brickwork driveways. Eventually, your driveways will begin to look detract from the tidy and maintained look of your home. 

Things like oil spots and other automotive fluids tend to be tough on driveways. They go deep down the driveway’s surface. Black marks caused by tires will be seen on the surface. Although you may think that the stains are permanent, in the real sense, they aren’t. For such hard to clean areas, it is ideal to use a high-pressure cleaning service. 

Jim’s Pressure Cleaning Services help remove tire tracks, oil spots, mud, and grime. We utilise a combination of water and pressure along with chemicals to get rid of the build-up and allow the driveways to look like new. Besides, we do parking lot cleaning and other commercial and exterior surfaces. Jim’s Driveway Cleaning team is fully insured and trained to deliver superior results so you are guaranteed to be 100% happy with the completed driveway pressure cleaning services.

Concrete cleaning for residential and commercial buildings

Looking at your concrete from a distance, you may think that it is a solid surface. However, up close, you see there are tiny openings. Concrete is porous meaning that it allows all kinds of contaminants to infiltrate the surface and build up causing stains. 

At Jim’s Cleaning, we offer concrete cleaning services to help restore the look of pavements and other paved surfaces around your residential and commercial building. Our concrete cleaning services help remove stubborn stains like paint, oil, and mud. Whether it’s the patios or the pool decks and tennis courts or walkways, we clean them.

In addition, we clean your garage floor to restore its great look. Your garage floor, just like the driveway, catches leaking fluids and dirt or other debris and fluids your car tracks in. So, you want to see reliable garage cleaning services to get rid of the debris and stains.

Frequently asked questions 

How much psi do you need to clean a driveway? 

Different materials require different pressure levels. If you are cleaning your decks and the exterior of your home, you will most likely want to use 1500 pressure per square inch or 1500 psi. If you want to clean concrete driveways, you will need about 3000 psi. So, to wash the different surfaces, you will need to have a pressure washer that delivers up to 3000 psi. The pressure can be adjusted according to the type and strength of the surface you are cleaning. 

Is pressure washing your driveway illegal?

It’s not illegal to pressure wash your driveway. In fact, some grime and dirt won’t come out until you use a pressure washing machine. However, because the machine releases a lot of force, you must use the right pressure on the material you want to clean. If not used properly or if you don’t set the right pressure, you will likely damage the material. That’s why you need an experienced cleaning technician to handle the task.

There are different kinds of mortar utilised in constructing driveways whether concrete or brick driveways. In concrete driveways, you want to use a pressure washing machine of not more than 3000 psi. For brick driveways, the mortar has a compressive strength of about 2500 psi meaning you don’t want to exceed that point. Again, you don’t want to hold the pressure washer less than one inch above the surface. Doubling the distance of the pressure washer from the surface allows you to cut the pressure in half thereby reducing the chances of wearing out the mortar or the concrete surface.

How do you effectively clean a concrete driveway?

To start with, you need to clear the areas or the surface of kid’s toys, vehicles, objects, and debris that may get in the way of the water jets released by the pressure washing machine. It may seem obvious to you, but it’s something worth saying. Attach the garden hose that feeds your machine with water and fit the nozzle. Turn on your pressure washing machine and give the driveway surface a once over to help do away with loose debris like small tree leaves, branches, grass, and pebbles. Now, apply detergent and ensure that you are using the right driveways cleaner for the washer. Make sure you have attached the soaping nozzle during this stage. The soaping nozzle allows you to soak the driveways rather than blasting it clean.

Allow the detergent to work its magic on the surface for about 5 minutes before you do the proper pressure wash. After the detergent breaks down the stains and tough grime or mildew, you are not ready to blast it away. You may need to use a surface cleaner attached to the machine. This cleaner allows you to complete the task fast because it disperses water over a larger area. The surface cleaner not only reduces the risk of damaging the concrete from high-pressure jets but also pulses the water flow to readily rear the grime and dirt from the surface. Your driveways should now be clean meaning that it needs the final rinse. Rinsing the surface helps flush away the detergent.

To restore your driveway to like-new condition, employ the services of Jim’s Driveway Cleaning team. Servicing over 800 locations Australia-wide, our team will remove built-up dirt and grime from concrete, pavers and brickwork using our professional, top of the line equipment and years of expertise. There’s no job too big or small for our Driveway Cleaning team – we service both commercial and residential customers.

What is the fastest way to pressure wash a driveway?

If you want to pressure wash your driveways fast, you need to ensure that you use a pressure washing machine to the 2500 psi and some detergent to act on grime. For stubborn stains, you can direct the nozzle on the specific areas to wash away the stains. Seeking driveway pressure washer service technicians allows you to do the job even faster with the peace of mind that the job will be done correctly. 

What are the safety precautions you should take when using a pressure washing machine?

Pressure washers are pretty powerful machines that can clean large areas efficiently and quickly. However, there are risks that come with these washers. When using the machine, make sure that you keep the wand pointing downward until you are comfortable with the pressure strength. The force released by the washer can etch concrete and damage your body. Even when you don’t see any visible damage, the force from the washer is capable of causing internal tissue damage. Only trained cleaning technicians should handle a pressure washing machine. When cleaning surfaces, The Jim’s Cleaning team wear protective gear – boots, long pants, gloves, safety glasses as well as ear protection.

Also, avoid using ladders and working at elevated or high heights because the kickback is likely to make you lose balance and fall. You can consider using wands, lances, and attachments to clean the elevated surfaces or high heights. Ensure you use the right nozzle and avoid aiming at the surface from a close range.

Because pressure washing is a serious task and needs the proper technique, you need to seek the help of a trained technician. At Jim’s Pressure Cleaning, we offer you reliable, safe, and effective concrete driveway pressure cleaning Australia Wide. Request a free quote today!

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