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Jim’s Professional Office Cleaning Services

First impressions mean everything, that’s why a clean building or office space is vital to any business’ performance and overall reputation. Keeping work spaces and buildings clean and tidy is not only our passion, but it’s what we’re good at! Our reliable team will work around your business’ hours to ensure it is spotless. We offer regular office cleaning, occasional cleans or even once-off cleans to get your business looking smart. From office/commercial cleaning, aged care/retirement cleaning, education cleaning, retail cleaning, medical cleaning, industrial cleaning, sports/leisure cleaning and hospitality cleaning. Jim’s Cleaning has the experience and the specialised skills to clean your premises efficiently and effectively. We can tailor packages to suit each and every business’ needs.

Your business can also take advantage of our specialised services that will further improve the look of your business. Our other cleaning services include:

Experienced Office Cleaners 

Our commercial, factory and office cleaners are all small business owners, meaning they are working directly for you to achieve the highest possible results. All Jim’s Commercial cleaners are fully insured, police checked and trained professionals to ensure you are 100% happy with the services completed.

Tailored Commercial Cleaning Solutions

As each business is different so are their cleaning needs. We offer tailored commercial cleaning packages to suit everyone. Through dealing directly with your cleaner, together you can maintain a perfectly cleaning working space each and every time.

Commercial Cleaning Services

At Jim’s Cleaning, our office cleaning services extend to your small business, corporate headquarters or other space in need of commercial cleaning in Australia. We adapt to your schedule, so our cleaners are available for days or evenings, as requested.

Jim’s Cleaning crews treat each business as an individual entity. That means our cleaning specialists receive separate training for your facility and follow a checklist of must-do items so that nothing is missed. We can take on sole responsibility for cleaning your office or augment the services of your in-house staff. Just let us know what you need!

Every building has unique qualities and, no matter how new the property is, there are always areas that require special attention, such as break rooms, restrooms and high traffic areas. So, even if we see something not explicitly detailed in the contract, we clean it.

Our Specialty Commercial Cleaning Services

We offer a full menu of cleaning services that your business can take advantage of. Besides our regular office cleaning services, we have a range of specialised commercial cleaning services to keep your business clean inside and outside.

If areas of your business require attention, choose from the following services:

Our Cleaning Products

If you’re looking for safe, effective cleaning products, you can also purchase Jim’s Cleaning Products online. All of our products have enzymes that break down stains and smells without leaving streaks. They also come in 4L bottles for convenient commercial use.

We use these products to keep your office smelling fresh and looking great:

These products come with our regular cleaning service, but if you need extra for high-traffic areas and spot refreshing, let us know.

Common Issues

While many of our customers appreciate our office cleaning services, we understand that many businesses have specific needs. That’s why we do a full assessment before writing up your contract. Whether you need experienced office cleaners or a crew to sanitise your commercial space to protect customers and employees, Jim’s Cleaning has you covered.

Our staff of commercial, office and factory cleaners has an ownership stake in their own small business. So, they work directly for you to attain the best results. Our cleaners go through police checks and have insurance, and they also receive professional training on customer service as well as commercial cleaning techniques.

Tailored Commercial Cleaning

If you have a business space that doesn’t fit the mould of a traditional office, no worries. Jim’s Commercial Cleaning crews adapt to your business, including:

  • Factory/Warehouse Cleaning
  • Retail Cleaning
  • Childcare & School Cleaning
  • Gym Cleaning

Is your business in a category of its own? Contact us to arrange an assessment of your need so that we can provide a quote for commercial office cleaning services.

Because your business is important to us, we the Jim’s Work Guarantee on all jobs. 


The following frequently asked questions come from past commercial clients.

What Does a Commercial Cleaner Do?

Commercial office cleaners disinfect, dust and vacuum your commercial office, retail or other space. Our cleaners are also small business owners who take pride in everything they do. From cleaning restrooms and restocking paper goods to removing rubbish, you can work out the tasks needed to a clean, pleasant environment.

Using safe cleaning products, our crews clean commonly touched surfaces to help kill germs and viruses. Using soap-based products is the most effective way to kill the coronavirus on surfaces and floors.

You can provide a list of cleaning tasks that you require or we can provide one for you. Because our cleaners’ reputations are on the line, they ensure all surfaces are spotless and streak-free.

With sanitised surfaces an immediate concern, we also offer upgraded services to disinfect as part of your standard cleaning or as an add-on service. We use hospital-grade disinfectant in our cleaning products. This disinfects high-contact areas so that most or all viruses, microorganisms and bacteria are removed. This includes elevator buttons, kitchen appliances, door handles, light switches, phones, countertops and other surfaces.

What Are the Types of Cleaning Services?

Our cleaning services include straightening cushions and pillows, sweeping and mopping the floors and dusting the walls, ledges, blinds, windowsills and bookshelves.

We also provide the following services:

  • Vacuuming carpet floors
  • Emptying the trash
  • Cleaning all glass
  • Sanitising phones
  • Sanitising doorknobs
  • Scrubbing sinks
  • Cleaning and disinfecting toilets
  • Replacing paper products
  • Cleaning breakroom
  • Wiping down tables

We also provide other services on an as-needed basis, including graffiti removal and deep-cleaning soiled carpets. If you have blinds in the office, our commercial office cleaning services can extend to blind cleaning. Tile and grout occasionally require extra attention in the form of grout and tile deep cleaning.

Do you have a fleet of commercial vehicles? We can provide affordable cleaning services for your cars, vans and lorries.

How Do I Find a Commercial Cleaner?

Jim’s Cleaning is a full-service commercial cleaning agency. Whether you need daily or weekly office cleaning services or specialty cleaning for your gym, warehouse or other unique industry, we can help. We go over the services you need and make sure the assigned cleaners are briefed. Our team members respond well to feedback to make sure your needs are fully met.

Contact Jim’s Cleaning Today for Your Office Cleaning Needs

If you need office cleaning services not listed here, give us a call. If at all possible, we will accommodate any reasonable requests, even if it’s not in the original contract. Let us show you the difference a truly professional commercial cleaning company can make in the appearance of your business.

We make it easy to reach us online. Book an appointment, get a free quote for the service desired or read through our customer testimonials at any time. You can also call us today on 131 546 for answers about our commercial office cleaning services.

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