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Why Jim’s Carpet Cleaning?

Jim’s Professional Floor Stripping & Sealing Services

Whether you need your newly installed floors to have that extra layer of protection or the old sealer on your vinyl, linoleum, hardwood or tiled floor is needing a refresh, Jim’s Carpet Cleaning is here to help! 

Stripping and sealing floors can be a tricky task that often leaves people with damaged floors when they attempt to do it themselves. Whether its missing a step, going to fast, or using low-grade products DYI stripping and sealing can leave your floors looking worse than when you started!

Jim’s Carpet Cleaning will:

  1. Inspect the floor and determine the best protection, based on the material it is made of.
  2. A stripping solution is applied, which helps remove the old sealer.
  3. The floor is stripped with specialised equipment, which removes the top protective layer.
  4. A neutralising solution is applied.
  5. The floor is rinsed and left to dry.
  6. The surface is treated with a sealant. 

Newly laid floors will have the same process minus the stripping aspect.

Why Apply a Sealant Floor?

Not every type of floor requires an additional protection. Fire-glazed tiles, such as porcelain, usually do not need to be sealed. Porous surfaces, however, such as natural stone tiles, are prone to staining and require extra protection to extend their longevity. Commercial high-traffic vinyl, linoleum or hardwood floorings can also benefit from being additionally protected, where a solvent-based penetrating sealant is usually applied.

You can expect the follow results after your floors have been professional stripped and or sealed by the professional Jim’s Carpet Cleaning team:

  • The surface becomes scratch-resistant
  • The protective solution acts as a stain repellent
  • An anti-slippery effect is achieved after the treatment
  • The floor surface changes its appearance – gloss/matte finish
  • The flooring requires less maintenance
  • It becomes more durable

(results may vary depending on the type of flooring and the condition it was in prior to treatment)

The Jim’s Floor Stripping & Sealing team are fully insured, police checked and trained to ensure you are 100% happy with the services completed.

Jim’s Cleaning floor stripping services can renew your vinyl, marble and tile flooring. Our technicians come and strip away coats of grime, old cleaning film and worn out sealant. Then, we seal the surface for a beautiful, long-lasting shine.

Using commercial grade machines, we can complete the process quickly using environmentally friendly, effective products. Professionally applied floor sealer achieves a higher quality shine that lasts much longer than doing it by hand.

Will floor stripping services work on your floors?

Most hard flooring, including vinyl, marble and tile, can be stripped and sealed safely. However, you can refer to the manufacturer’s instructions if you’re unsure whether you should strip and seal your floors. We can provide our opinion via email if you send us a photo of your floors.

The floor stripper we use depends on the condition of the flooring in your facility and when your last strip and seal job was done. We can set you up on a regular schedule to keep your commercial flooring looking like new.


When you first install your flooring, it looks polished and attractive. Over time, it loses its lustre. Floor stripping services can remove dirt and grime and adding a floor sealer can keep your flooring looking beautiful.

Dull, scuffed and grimy flooring creates a poor impression of your business. Stripping and sealing restore your floor to like-new condition.

Some benefits of floor stripping services include:

  • Adding more shine
  • Making it easier to clean the floors
  • Increasing the longevity of your flooring materials
  • Reducing scratches, scuffs and marks
  • Creating a barrier against further damage and bacteria

It takes several steps to properly strip and seal your floor. That’s why it’s better to leave it to the professionals at Jim’s Cleaning.

Applying the Floor Stripper

The technician starts by sweeping the floor and removing all dust and foreign objects such as gum and stickers. We isolate the area and provide alternative routes for anyone walking by as we work. To protect other areas of the building, we surround the work area with cardboard.

The strength of the stripping solution needed depends on the thickness of the sealant. Typically, a 1:10 ratio of stripper to water does the job. Using a stripper mop, we saturate an area of flooring, breaking large areas down into smaller sections.

The stripper solution takes at least 10 minutes to dissolve the old floor sealant. Using a scrubber and pads, we start at the edge and begin removing the sealer. After removing the sealer, we wet vacuum the floor to remove any remaining floor stripper.

Applying the Base Coat

Next, we lay down a base coat of floor sealant using a clean polish mop. Applying a thin layer of sealant can prevent pooling that causes dull spots.

Once the first coat completely dries, it no longer feels tacky. Then, we can apply the second coat. The second layer goes on at a 90-degree angle to the first coat to ensure at even finish. Once the area dries, the top sealer goes down.

Several coats of glaze add shine once we buff the area with special pads about six hours later. We recommended waiting six weeks before buffing the floors again.

Applying the Top Sealer

It takes patience and skill to apply a top sealer with a clean fringe mop. It’s critical to rinse the mop in water beforehand to remove loose dust, debris and fibres that you don’t want to end up in the sealer.

A watering can with an 8-millimetre spout provides an even pour. We place a rubber glove over the spout and cut the hole to the right size. This process is done in 3-metre by 6-metre sections. A line of sealant down the centre makes it easy to evenly distribute the sealant.

Wetting the fringe mop with polish, our technicians mop in smooth motions, backing away from the already-polished sections. The main goal is to spread the sealer evenly one frame at a time.

Depending on the size of the area that we need to seal, this may take several sections. It’s important not to overlap the sealant because this creates streaks.

Floor sealers consist of a chemical solution used to cover floors and protect them against damage and stains. Some sealants have components that give them a glossier finish depending on the application and whether this would be appropriate for space.

The three basic types of floor sealer include the following:

  • Initial Use Sealer: This chemical sealant goes on the floor as soon as you install it. It’s used for porous materials that are vulnerable to stains. Some materials that use this sealer include sandstone, brick, cork and natural stone.
  • Regular Use Sealers: Some flooring requires just one coat of sealant. However, it must be reapplied periodically to maintain the condition of the flooring. We recommend reapplying a floor sealer once a year. You may need to do it more often depending on the traffic in your business.
  • Restorative Sealers: When flooring becomes dull and dingy looking, restorative sealers can reinvigorate it. This works with unglazed tiles and natural stone. For hardwood flooring, previous layers of the sealant must be removed to provide a fresh look before applying the restorative sealer.

If you have an industrial business, you might want to look into sealants that can handle oil stains and chemical leaks. This applies to warehouses and garages where a variety of liquids spill onto the flooring.

There’s no clear-cut answer to this question because it depends on numerous factors. However, commercial floors typically require resealing every year or two. If you have a lot of foot traffic, it may be more often.

Jim’s Cleaning provides residential and commercial services Australia-wide. Pair our floor stripping services with some of our other services, including pressure washing, window cleaning and regular office custodial services, to help maintain a clean, attractive business.

Contact us online or on 131 546. Feel free to book an appointment or request a quote at your convenience.

Customer Testimonials

“Very professional and an excellent job was done, the floors and lounge look amazing” – Nicole S

“Abs did a very good job stripping and sealing the floor and took time to do the job correctly. He was very personable explained what he was doing and kept me informed throughout the process.” – Rachel L

“Joe was very good and we are happy with our floors.” – Colleen N

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