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Why Jim’s Pressure Cleaning?

Jim’s Exterior House Washing Services

Call Jim’s Exterior House Washing team to keep your home in pristine condition. Our specialists will remove the build up of dirt and mould from brick and weatherboard homes. Through the use of high pressure cleaning equipment and quality biodegradable detergents, you can trust Jim’s will get a great result every time. Multi storey or one level, our team can complete any job.

Jim’s Exterior House Washing services include the following;

The Jim’s Exterior House Washing team are fully insured, police checked and trained to ensure you are 100% happy with the services completed.

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Power washing is usually the most efficient and cost-effective way to tackle exterior house cleaning because there’s such a large amount of space to cover. External house cleaning on a regular basis is important to protect your home and your health. While you could rent a pressure washer and do it yourself to save a few bucks, hiring a professional outside house cleaner may save you more money than you spend.

Benefits of External House Cleaning

Pressure cleaning is used for many different types of outdoor cleaning tasks because it is effective and efficient. Professional high-pressure exterior house washing not only cleans your home’s exterior, but it also safeguards your investment and your family’s health. Some of the many benefits of power washing your home’s exterior include:

  • Preventing grime and stains from permanently damaging your home’s exterior surface
  • Preventing mould growth from damaging wood and painted surfaces
  • Protecting your family’s health from dirt, mould and mildew buildup
  • Saving time compared to climbing ladders and strenuously scrubbing stubborn stains
  • Helping your home look brand new again by removing substances that prematurely age the exterior
  • Restoring your home’s curb appeal by removing built-up dirt and baked-in grime and stains
  • Priming surfaces for refinishing, resurfacing or painting your home’s exterior
  • Increasing property value by preventing degradation, discolouration and oxidation

Exterior house cleaning is an important part of preventative maintenance that can save you money in the long run. By adding routine pressure washing to your maintenance routine, you avoid costly repairs by removing dirt, grime and mould that damage the outside of your home. Pressure washing is the most cost-effective way to clean the entire outside surface of your home in the least amount of time. Professional outside house cleaners can accomplish in minutes what would take hours to do by hand.

Why Choose Jim’s Cleaning

At Jim’s Exterior House Cleaning, we understand that your home is your pride and joy and believe in providing a thorough clean to help protect your investment and keep your house looking pristine. Our exterior house cleaning teams are trained specialists who know the best techniques to remove built-up dirt and mould from brick and weatherboard homes. Our pressure cleaning services combine high-pressure cleaning equipment and quality biodegradable detergents that are guaranteed to get great results every time. Whether your home is one-level or multistorey, you can count on our team of professionals to complete the job to your satisfaction.

Jim’s exterior house cleaning services include pressure cleaning:

  • Fascia & eaves
  • Gutters
  • Exterior walls
  • Verandahs
  • Decks
  • Pergolas
  • Stairs
  • Roofs

We have outdoor house cleaners at Jim’s Cleaning franchises Australia-wide. To give your entire property a face-lift, we can also pressure clean driveways, retaining walls, walkways and brick patios around your pool or other outdoor spaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best exterior house cleaning service?

When hiring professional cleaners, make sure the provider is right for your job by asking them important questions such as:

  • Do you have insurance?
  • Can you provide a written quote for the job?
  • Do you have references?
  • How long have you been in business?
  • How soon can you schedule my job?

Make sure the company specialises in pressure washing home exteriors and not just concrete cleaning, which is handled differently. Also, ask if they’ve performed any other exterior house cleaning near you. This may provide you with the opportunity to personally look at homes they’ve cleaned in the past, to see how they turned out.

Jim’s exterior house washing teams are fully insured, police checked and trained to ensure you’re 100% happy with all services completed. We welcome any questions you might have and would love the opportunity to earn your business and your trust.

How often should you clean the exterior of your house?

There aren’t any hard and fast rules on exactly how often you should schedule exterior house washing services, but once a year is a good rule of thumb, with additional cleanings as circumstances warrant them. If you live in an area with lots of trees, near a dirt road or that gets lots of rain or hot, humid weather, you may need more frequent cleanings. Generally, you can look at your house and tell whether it’s time for a good scrubbing. If you see a lot of dirt or sap building up, it’s probably time. If you notice mould growth, schedule pressure washing as soon as possible to stop it from causing damage to your home.

Is it bad to power wash your house?

In experienced hands, power washing your house is a great way to get a sparkling clean home in a very short time and for a lower price than you might expect. However, if the person power washing your house is inexperienced, then it can be bad.

Pressure cleaning the exterior of a home involves a lot more skill than you think. Different surfaces require different water pressures and cleaning techniques. While it’s safe to use higher pressure on concrete driveways, water shot at pressures too high for your home’s exterior may strip paint off weatherboard, mangle siding, blast away brick mortar and cause water to seep into your walls and damage the inside of your home. The cleaning agents used in pressure washing also differ, and the wrong choice can be detrimental to the surrounding environment.

All of Jim’s external house cleaning professionals know the right equipment, cleaning agents and techniques to clean your home without causing any damage. Your home is your pride and joy, that’s why every job comes with the Jim’s Work Guarantee. This guarantee is unlimited for work done by Jim’s Group Franchisees, and up to the posted limit for independent contractors.

How much does exterior house cleaning services cost?

Exterior house cleaning prices vary based on the size of your home and the complexity of the job, such as if you have an extremely large and/or significantly sloping roof. Companies may charge per metre or per hour or charge a flat rate. No matter how they charge, the overall size of your house is going to be a factor. Keep in mind that some companies may also charge the same amount for a range of home sizes. For example, it might cost the same for 10 square metres as 30 square metres, because the company is factoring travel and set-up times into the overall cost.

At Jim’s, all of our franchisees quote per job, rather than charging by the hour. You’ll know exactly how much your exterior house washing is going to cost before we even begin, so you avoid any nasty surprises when you get your bill.

Schedule Professional Exterior House Cleaning

When done correctly, pressure washing is a valuable part of your general home maintenance that keeps your home in pristine shape, while preventing potential problems down the road. You can count on Jim’s Cleaning for professional exterior house cleaners who know the proper way to pressure wash the outside of your home, no matter the surface material. Book exterior house cleaning services online, request a free quote or call us today on 131 546 for more information about our professional exterior house washing or any of the many other cleaning services we provide.

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