What Colour Is Your Car?

Our lives are filled with colour, from our carpet to our walls, our clothing to our transportation… colour is a large part of life.

If you think about it, the colour you choose for your automobile can say a lot about you as a person.

It has been said that people who drive red cars drive faster and are more prone to speeding tickets.

This is a myth, but it stems from truth. Many of the red cars we see are sports cars, hence the birth of the red car myth. Red is a high energy colour that symbolizes thinking on one’s feet.

Black symbolizes success, elegance, and power. Most Limousines are black, indicating high status and class.

Surprisingly enough it has been shown that black cars are most likely to be in an accident. Owners of black cars tend to be aggressive drivers and have a rebel streak that they find hard to squelch.

Silver and grey are almost interchangeable and tend to be considered tame colours, some might even say bland.

Those that drive a silver or grey car said to be calm, cool, and even aloof, however they are also said to have more accidents than drivers of either yellow or red cars.

Yellow is a colour generally associated with sunny optimism, warmth, and a verve for life.

A yellow car would signify cheery idealism and an extroverted personality in its driver. With most brands, the main yellow seller would be the sports cars, flashy and fast.

Blue is known for its tranquillity and calmness, a cool colour that can help calm people.

Those who gravitate towards those colours tend to be mellow on the whole, which in turn will make them more cautious and deliberate.

Research indicates that green cars are chosen by those who have hysterical tendencies.

Green signifies loyalty, control and an agreeable nature. Considering its roots, and the feelings this cool colour evokes this seems contradictory to the research on the colour itself.

White is the absence of colour. It stands for purity and innocence in most cultures. Villains wear black whilst heroes wear white.

Studies suggest that the owner of a white vehicle is a status seeker and an extrovert. White vehicles don’t show dirt as bad as darker colours can, nor do they absorb the heat of the sun. Maybe this makes white vehicle owners the ‘smart ones’.

For the record this author drives a green car… which says a lot about him 🙂

Written with the assistance of Cash 4 Used Cars

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