Professionally clean windows

How do we get streak free windows?

If you have seen any Jim’s Window cleaner out and about cleaning exterior windows you might be wondering why you don’t see any of them up on a ladder with a squeegee. That’s because we enjoy staying out of harms way. All of our window cleaners are equipped with a water fed pole that will leave your windows with a streak free clean from the safety of the ground!

So how do these broom looking poles actually work? Do they dry the windows once they have washed them? 

Purified Water

All of our window cleaners use purified water as ordinary tap water is what will leave your windows with streaks or spots.

To purify the water, we use a state of the art filtration system which purifies tap water. This means no matter where we are as long as we have access to tap water we can leave your windows with the perfect streak free clean!

water fed window cleaning pole

Telescopic Water Fed Poles

To maintain our safety at all times we stay on the ground. This is where the telescopic water fed poles come into the picture. These poles can be extended to a staggering 80 ft and are accompanied with industry designed brush heads. The purified water is then fed through the pole which allows our cleaners to scrub and rinse away any dirty from the windows and then leaving them to dry naturally. Due to the soft nature of the brushes and the purified water, you can be sure to receive beautiful streak free windows.

The benefits


The use of purified water eliminates the need for detergent and other cleaning chemicals when cleaning windows. This results in no harmful chemicals being washed into your garden and or the gutters. Instead, our water fed poles make use of natural elements including salt and carbon sediment to clean windows and these natural elements are then absorbed, causing no harm to the environment.

Versatility & Finish

Do you have windows that are not accessible via a ladder? Then we are your solution! Our poles can reach places a traditional window cleaning method could not, as well as being able to clean the frame and window in the same process leading to a perfect finish.

More than windows

This system is the answer to all window cleaners prayers as it does not limit them to windows. It can be used to clean almost everything on the exterior of a building, from conservatory roofs, fascias, solar panels to external signage and even cladding!

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