Mould Problems?

Torrential rain and high humidity has created the perfect breeding ground for mould on Australia’s east coast. Most of us are lucky enough to only encounter mould in wet areas in our bathroom. The mould problem on the East Coast is far worse, with everyday household items and furniture being affected. If you’ve been battling with mould, read on and see our top tips to beat it once and for all.

Maintain adequate ventilation

Mould needs damp conditions to thrive. Limiting the moisture in your home is crucial to long term mould removal. Utilise exhaust fans, dehumidifiers, open windows where possible, and ensure you don’t have any leaks or plumbing problems.

Remove mould effectively

Ensure you are wearing protective equipment whenever dealing with mould. Do not dry brush a mouldy area as this will spread spores into the air where they may be breathed in. If you are vacuuming a mould affected area, you need to ensure your vacuu has a HEPA filter.

Fill a spray bottle with 4 parts vinegar and 1 part water. Spray solution onto the affected area and leave to work for a few minutes. Using a wet microfibre cloth, gently agitate the area to remove mould. Rinse the cloth before moving onto the next area. Depending on how long the mould has been present, you may need to do this a few times. Ensure the area is thoroughly dried afterwards.

Some mouldy items will be able to be placed in the washing machine, pre spray them with the vinegar solution and run a hot wash. For items like couches and carpets, you will need to reach out to a professional.

Some items won’t be able to be saved

Unfortunately, there are some things that simply won’t be able to be cleaned. In this instance you will need to remove it from your home so that the mould doesn’t continue to spread. Place items in a plastic bag carefully, and dispose of accoringly.

Be vigilant!

The most common problem with mould is it is recurring. If you’ve followed the steps above, and can maintain a dry environment you should be able to relax. However, if your mould problem is a little more severe, you may engage a professional cleaner to help you remove all mould once and for all. You may also require a mould specialist to determine if you have other issues causing the recurring mould.

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