Is Your Car Ready For Winter?

Summer has waved goodbye and, like it or not, we are now looking at the Winter months… cold weather, wet weather, and even a little snow in some places.

So now is the time to ensure that your car is ready for winter.

Have You Serviced The Vehicle Lately?

Nothing worse than breaking down when it’s miserable, cold and wet. Have your vehicle checked so that you know what your issues are – and then you can decide what your priority’s are.

How Old Is Your Battery?

Modern batteries give no warning that they are going to die. So ensure that you know what Plan A is if you find yourself with a dead battery, when you least expect it.

Is There Plenty of Rubber On The Tyres?

Most tyre shops and/or your mechanic will check your existing tyres and tell you how much life you have left in them. Plus whether you need an alignment, a rotation, or whether you really do need to avoid those kerbs. Good tyres in poor weather is essential.

Can You See Clearly?

Windscreen wipers cost only a few dollars and many auto retailers offer to fit them for free. As they say, you don’t need them until you need them and then you need them.

Is Your Car Protected From The Elements?

The bodywork and trim on your car needs to be protected from the road grime, bugs and other debris that will be attracted to it as you drive.

  • A premium paint protection will provide several years of driving with the knowledge that your cars paintwork is being looked after.
  • A premium wax polish can provide a minimum 12 months protection from harmful dirt and grime.

Looking after your car also goes a long way to ensuring that when the time comes to trade your vehicle, for a new and improved model, you will get the best price.

If your car needs some love and protection, give your local Jim a call on 131 546 to discuss which service is right for you.

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