7 Benefits Of Commercial Pressure Washing

If you’ve never hired a professional service to conduct a commercial pressure wash on your building’s exterior, you could be missing out. Unlike most office cleaning services, pressure washing focuses on beautifying the outside of your building rather than the inside. If you’re not familiar, pressure washing involves using high-pressure water spray to clean various surfaces, including walls, fences, driveways, decks, sidewalks and more.

When done by experts, pressure washing is incredibly efficient and effective. Its benefits go beyond aesthetics, as pressure washing can create a healthier environment, save you money on maintenance and repairs, and much more. To help you make a confident and informed decision in the future, here are 7 notable benefits of commercial pressure washing:

1. Create a healthier environment

A major benefit of commercial pressure washing is that it can remove pollutants, mildew, and other bacteria that accumulate on building exteriors. If a building is covered in harmful contaminants, those who work or live inside it could begin experiencing allergies and respiratory issues. By scheduling regular pressure washing appointments, you can create a healthier environment for yourself and everyone around you.

2. Save on maintenance costs

Pressure washing, if performed regularly, can help keep your building in good condition. The pressure of the water can prevent contaminants and pollutants from wearing down a building’s exterior. That means you won’t have to spend as much money on basic repairs or new paint jobs.

3. Leave a better impression

Keeping your commercial property clean is essential for making a good impression on potential customers. Most people know this to be true for the building’s interior, but the exterior of your building is just as important. If your restaurant’s exterior walls are covered in dirt and grime, for example, some people may be put off eating there.

4. Prevent mould growth

Mould growth is the last problem you want to discover on your property. The growth of mildew and mould can cause parts of your building to rot. The repairs necessary to fix this rot and disintegration can be quite expensive.

Thankfully, pressure washing is a great way to prevent mould growth before it starts. That’s because pressure washing removes various contaminants that build up on most properties. And if there’s moisture, these contaminants can lead to mould growth. Pressure washing prevents this outcome and can save you money — and headache — in the process.

5. Save time cleaning

Scrubbing your fence, deck, or walls by hand can take hours, days, or even weeks to complete. So why not save time, effort, and possibly even money by hiring someone to pressure wash your property?

Pressure washing is easily one of the most efficient cleaning methods out there. The water pressure will wash away all the stains that would normally take tons of time and energy to remove with a cloth and regular cleaning products.

6. Increase kerb appeal

Simply put, pressure washing can make any building look more attractive. If you intend on selling your residential or commercial property in the future, pressure washing could be a wise investment.

An expert pressure washer can leave your property looking sparkling clean, which will naturally attract more interested buyers. Even just pressure washing your fences, driveway, and walls can increase your building’s value and help it stand out from similar properties nearby.

7. Remove graffiti

Pressure washing is the most effective way to remove graffiti from your property. Whether it’s your driveway, walls, fence, bench, or sign that’s been vandalised, pressure washing can restore its original look. This is especially important for businesses, as unsightly graffiti could damage your reputation and leave the wrong impression on customers.

You should definitely consider hiring a professional that offers pressure washing graffiti removal services rather than taking a DIY approach. An expert will know what products and how much pressure to use to completely remove the graffiti without damaging your surfaces. Jim’s Graffiti Removal service is a great choice due to our experience washing all different types of surfaces for both commercial and residential properties.


What is pressure washing and why is it important?

Pressure washing uses high-pressure water spray to remove contaminants and debris from outdoor surfaces. This method is important because it’s one of the fastest and most effective ways to improve your property’s aesthetic while creating a healthier and safer environment.

Another important feature of pressure washing is the variety of surfaces it can be used on. There aren’t many cleaning methods that can be used on timber, sandstone, concrete, and bricks.

How do you pressure wash a commercial building?

To pressure wash a commercial building, you’ll need to purchase a pressure washer. You should then take as long as you need to understand how to use your pressure washer properly. Improper use of the device could damage your surfaces. Having the pressure too high, for example, could shatter a window or cause your deck to splinter.

Before spraying, make sure the area is clear of people and random debris. Once you’ve done that and determined the appropriate amount of pressure and water temperature, you can start spraying. As you can see, there are a number of things that can go wrong when you try pressure washing on your own. That’s why many choose to hire a professional instead.

How do professionals pressure wash?

Before proceeding with the pressure wash, a professional will first examine the areas that need washing. They’ll then gather information about the surfaces they’ll be washing, such as the fragility of the surface, what types of contaminants are building up, the severity of the build-up, etc. Next, they’ll develop a custom approach to ensure that none of the surfaces are damaged during the wash.

When it’s time to proceed with the pressure wash, a professional will use a pressure washer device. A pressure washer is essentially a water pump powered by an electric motor. The washer sends out a high-pressure water spray to clean surfaces by removing grime, dust, mud, and dirt. Though using just water is an option, a professional pressure washer may add pressure washer soap for some surfaces.

What is industrial power washing?

Industrial power washing is similar to pressure washing. The key difference is the temperature of the water. Pressure washing uses normal temperature water, while power washing uses hot water. Industrial power washing is capable of removing materials that are so stuck on surfaces that even pressure washing won’t suffice. This includes gum on sidewalks and driveway grease stains. A professional pressure and power washer will know when to use which tactic to achieve the best results.

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