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Why Choose Jim’s Bond Cleaning?

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Bond cleaning is extremely important if you want to claim your bond from the real estate agent. There are a number of excellent companies that offer bond cleaning services to you. However, Jim’s Cleaning is definitely one of the best bond cleaners in the country at the moment. Jim’s Cleaning should be your preferred option for bond cleaning services for the following reasons.


Jim’s Cleaning has more than 20 years of experience in the cleaning business. It has proven time and again to countless customers that it can perform bond cleaning in the best possible manner. With so many years of experience behind them, Jim’s Cleaning can handle any kind of issues that might come their way during the bond cleaning process.


Jim’s Cleaning has an impeccable reputation as a bond cleaner in Australia. It’s the largest Jim’s Division after Jim’s Mowing, and is the biggest domestic cleaning business in Australia. People from all parts of Australia have utilized their bond cleaning services, with 65,000 new clients booked every year. They have been able to ensure that their customers always receive the best bond cleaning services and are able to reclaim their bond back without encountering any issues. As attested by the reviews and testimonials, many of Jim’s Cleaning customers are impressed with their services.


Jim’s Cleaning is one of the top bond cleaners in Australia because of their trustworthiness. Jim’s Cleaning is part of the established Jim’s Group, a reputable name that is trusted all over Australia. The past record of the company and the constant stream of new and returning customers is a great indication of the trust that the people have on its services.

Quality of Service

Jim’s Cleaning is one of the few Australian bond cleaners that have been able to uphold their quality of service for such a long period of time. They have more than 520 franchisees all over Australia and in every state, which means they can easily reach you. Jim’s Cleaning employs a careful selection system that selects only the very best for the trade. This, coupled with the training and support systems provided by the company, ensures the exceptional quality of their service that clients look for.

Excellent Customer Service

Another reason why Jim’s Cleaning must be your preferred bond cleaners is their excellent customer service. They have a very professional and helpful customer support team that is very responsive and attends to the complaints and queries of the clients very promptly. Registered complaints are very few and far between, with only one per franchisee per year out of the thousands they serve.

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