5 Tips On How To Clean Your Windows In Winter

When the weather starts to cool down, you may spend more time indoors. However, just because you’re inside doesn’t mean there won’t be any chores to do outside. One of these must-do tasks is winter window cleaning. Since you’re inside most of the time, you’ll be looking out your windows more frequently to check the weather or see what’s happening in your neighbourhood. Therefore, cleaning windows in winter is essential.

Window washing in the winter presents a completely different set of obstacles than in the summer. But even when cleaning windows in winter can prove to be more challenging, there are tips you can follow to make the task easier.

1. Make sure you have the right tools and supplies ready

Before bundling up and heading outdoors to clean your windows, ensure you are armed with the tools and supplies you need. These include: 

  • A bucket of water and dishwashing soap or a mixture of one-part lukewarm water with two parts windshield fluid
  • Waterproof gloves (e.g., rubber dish gloves) worn over a pair of cotton or wool-lined gloves to keep your hands warm and protect them from the elements
  • Squeegee
  • Paper towels for removing streaks
  • Microfibre cloths for polishing
  • A sturdy ladder and an extension pole if some of your windows are located at a higher level. 

For your safety, it’s best to do the cleaning with another person there to assist you and hold the ladder in place in case you use it.

Also, you might want to add a broom to your cleaning supplies. This is because snow may have accumulated in some places and needs to be swept away before you can start cleaning your windows.

2. Schedule window cleaning when it’s above freezing

To avoid damage with a cleaning solution that may be too hot, we recommend cleaning your windows in the winter when the temperature is above freezing. 

If you wish to clean your windows when the temperature is below freezing, you should dilute the water (room temperature) and soap solution with rubbing alcohol. Three parts soapy water to one part rubbing alcohol is a decent ratio. Rubbing alcohol will help keep the water soapy while also preventing it from freezing.

Alternatively, using a spray water bottle filled with lukewarm water and a little windshield cleaner to keep the liquid from freezing too quickly would also work.

3. Wipe surface dirt from the windows first

Check your windows. If you haven’t dusted or cleaned them in weeks, they’ll probably be covered with grime. Avoid the temptation to start washing them straight away, as the semi-frozen layer of dirt will melt and leave your windows looking gross. Carefully wipe away the top layer of grime with a damp cloth before moving on to your window cleaning.

4. Clean when the sky is overcast

As cleaning professionals, our best advice for winter window cleaning is to schedule it on a gloomy, cloudy day. When you clean windows with the sun up, the reflections can obscure spots that still need attention. This means you could end up feeling like you’ve wasted your time. Instead, take note of still-dirty or unclear spots on an overcast day, and use your squeegee and homemade solution to clean your windows thoroughly — from one corner to the other, top to bottom and left to right.

5. Get rid of any remaining streaks ASAP

Before any streaks or spills have a chance to ruin all your hard work, soak them up with paper towels. Do the same for splatters or drops of water on the windows, as you don’t want water to freeze, expand, and possibly damage the glass. After your windows have dried, clean all surfaces with some clean and dry microfibre wipes to ensure there are no leftover smudges.

Get gleaming winter windows with Jim’s Cleaning

Although it’s possible to DIY cleaning windows in winter, there’s a better alternative for you. With the help of Jim’s Cleaning, you can get professional window cleaning results without any risk of damaging your glass. Plus, you won’t need to worry about reaching higher windows and compromising your safety. 

So, for all your window, general and deep cleaning needs, contact Jim’s Cleaning or ask for a free quote today!


How do you keep glass cleaners from freezing?

Sub-freezing temperatures are what make cleaning windows in the winter so tough as the cleaning solution can freeze before you can squeegee it off. Using hot water also poses a risk as it will fracture your glass. However, there are certain liquids you can add to your cleaning solution to prevent water from freezing, such as windshield cleaner, rubbing alcohol and vinegar. With a little research online or by following the tips shared here, you’ll find the right solution for your winter window cleaning needs.

How do I keep my outside windows clean?

There really is no other way to keep outside windows clean other than by giving them the cleaning they need on a regular basis.

You can clean your windows once a month, but if you live near the sea or in a dusty area, you may need to increase the frequency of cleaning. You could also book biweekly or monthly services from a reputable cleaning company (like us!) to take care of your window cleaning requirements.

What temperature is too cold to clean windows?

Trying to clean your windows when it’s below freezing is ill-advised as the water part of your cleaning solution could freeze. Even if you use liquids to prevent freezing, you may have to rush the cleaning as the anti-freezing effect of liquids like rubbing alcohol, vinegar and window cleaners can still wear off.

How often should your windows be cleaned?

The frequency of window cleaning largely depends on the weather, your location and preferences. In general, however, getting your windows at home cleaned monthly is considered good practice.

You can always do the cleaning yourself, but if what you’re after is maintaining windows regularly, it’s worth considering getting a cleaning service to do those things for you. With a professional cleaner, you can stress less over your windows, regardless of the season.

How do you keep windows from getting mould in the winter?

If you want to know how to prevent mould on windows in winter or any time of the year, here’s the key: Use only high-quality, insulated windows. Also, if you find any gaps or draughts, caulk or insulate those sections ASAP.

Why do I keep getting mould around my windows?

If you keep finding mould around your windows, it’ll be useful to know what window cleaners do in the winter and all year round to solve this problem. Condensation is the most common cause of mould around windows. To scrape the mould off your windows, choose a solution that’s a mixture of warm water and Milton fluid. 

They’ll wipe it all away with a soft towel to keep the silicone and seals underneath clean while also eradicating the mould growth.  However, after cleaning, the permanent solution against mould growth would be to check what’s causing the condensation.

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