What Are The Benefits Of Car Polishing

Benefits of car polishing

When it comes to automotive care, one practice stands out as a means of aesthetics and preservation — car polishing. Why polish your car? Well, at Jim’s Car Detailing, we believe the benefits of car polishing don’t just stop at making your vehicle shine bright. It’s an investment in safeguarding your car’s beauty and longevity for years to come. 

What does car polishing do?

Car polishing involves applying a polishing compound to your car’s exterior surface, mainly its paintwork. It contains a mild abrasive in liquid form to remove the damaged layer of your clear paint coat and reveal a fresh layer of paint.

It goes beyond your average car wash and removes swirl marks and scratches visible in the sunlight and other imperfections, giving your car a sleek gloss and shine that will make it look as good as new. At Jim’s Car Detailing, we use our biodegradable pH-neutral shampoo followed by a clay bar treatment to remove oxidation, industrial fallout, rail dust and brake dust. We then buff your vehicle with the highest quality cutting compounds to remove traces of swirls and light scratches. 

What does car polishing do compared to wax?

For many car owners, car wax and polish become terms used interchangeably, although there is a difference. Car polish is only mildly abrasive, so it flattens the clear coat, or top paint layer of your car, to remove light imperfections inflicted when washing your car. These light imperfections can occur when washing your car with sponges, brushes or other aggressive techniques of clearing the paintwork, causing these minor marks and scratches. 

Car wax, on the other hand, leaves a protective layer on the paintwork to help shield it from UV rays, dirt and grime. Since polish does not protect the paintwork, at Jim’s Car Detailing, we follow our cut and polish treatment with a protective spray coating to help protect your car’s outer layer from the elements. 

The benefits of car polishing

At Jim’s Car Detailing, we understand how busy life can be. It’s hard to make time to wash your car once every couple weeks, let alone treat it to a cut and polish. If you think that keeping up with your regular car washes is enough, we’re here to tell you the numerous benefits of car polishing for your vehicle: 

  • Remove fine scratches or heavy defects

The benefit of car polishing is that it removes minor clear coat damage from the top layer of your car, such as scratch and swirl marks. The polishing liquid flattens the clear coat and increases the gloss level. Any deeper scratches that penetrate the base coat of your car’s paint will require compounding, which has a higher abrasion level, followed by polishing to refine your paintwork.

  • Enhanced aesthetics

The next time you take your car for a spin, whether for a special occasion or your average night out, you want your car to look clean and polished to make a great impression. At Jim’s Car Detailing, we employ meticulous techniques to complete the job to the highest standard. After all, we understand our customers are car enthusiasts as much as we are, so we take extra care to maintain a high level of workmanship when it comes to our car detailing

  • Protection against the harsh Aussie sun

UV rays and unpredictable weather conditions can take a toll on your car’s appearance. Car polishing adds a protective shield to preserve your vehicle in the long haul. At Jim’s Car Detailing, we understand the importance of protecting your car from the elements and take extra precautions to carefully handwash and polish it to help shield it from UV rays, dirt and road grime, as well as adding a protective layer. 

  • Protect your vehicle from road contamination 

Why polish your car? Whether you’re an avid outdoor adventurer driving off terrain through wet, muddy conditions or driving down the highway to work, your car is bound to interact with the elements and leave traces of dirt and grime on your car. From road tar to dirt, grease or microscopic metal dust from railway lines or construction sites, all these substances can begin to rust on the paintwork of your car if left untreated. 

  • Keep your car free from the messy side of Mother Nature 

There’s nothing worse than returning to your parked car only to find it covered in bird droppings. Not all of us have much time on our hands to wash our car right away, but the longer bird droppings remain on your paintwork, the worse it is for your paint job. The same goes for families of bugs — the acidity present in bugs and droppings can quickly eat through your paint. 

Washing your car frequently every 2 to 3 weeks will remove most of these nasties from your car. But a bucket, sponge and warm, soapy water won’t remove it all. Simply graze your hand over your car after washing it, and you’ll feel that build-up there. Like you would visit the dentist to remove plaque and tartar build-up on your teeth, we suggest visiting Jim’s Car Detailing once a year for a cut and polishing service. Our experts will best be able to recommend which level of polish your car requires. 

  • Prolonged vehicle lifespan 

What does car polishing do besides make your car sparkle? It’s far more than just a visual enhancement for your ride. Maintaining your car’s cut and polish with Jim’s Car Detailing is a proactive measure to ensure your car’s paint and body withstand the test of time to increase its resell value and ensure it lasts the long haul in your care. 

Why polish your car with Jim’s Car Detailing

At Jim’s Car Detailing, our well-rounded cut and polish service ensures your car is clean from any contaminants and shining bright as you leave. Our process involves:

  1. Pre-rinsing your entire vehicle and removing any traces of bug splash and road tar.
  2. We clean your wheels and tyres and remove signs of brake dust. 
  3. Hand wash your car with snow foam and treat it with wax.
  4. Decontaminate your paintwork with our specialised treatment.
  5. Cut and polish your vehicle to reduce light to medium swirls and complete a gloss enhancement. 
  6. Spray your vehicle with a protective spray coating to protect it from the elements. 
  7. Dry your car gently with a microfibre cloth and dress wheel arches, mud flaps and tyres. 

Book your cut and polish with Jim’s Car Detailing today 

With over 20 years of car detailing industry experience, our Jim’s Car Detailing franchisees have what it takes to give your car the shine it deserves every time. Our cut and polish treatment will remove your car’s fine, clear outer coat with cutting and polishing compounds to flatten your car’s paintwork and permanently remove fine swirls and lines from your clear coat, resulting in high levels of shine and gloss. We stand by the top-quality nature of our work and deliver Jim’s Work Guarantee to ensure each of our clients are more than satisfied with their results. 
Why risk causing damage to your vehicle’s paintwork with DIY methods when you can reach out to our car detailing experts at Jim’s Car Detailing to get the job done right the first time? Call us at 131 546 or request a free quote to book your cut and polish online today. If you have any questions, our dedicated staff will be more than happy to assist you further.

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