6 Benefits Of Pressure Washing Services

If you think that pressure washing or power washing is just an optional project, you might be surprised to learn how beneficial annual pressure cleaning can be. From augmenting a building’s appearance to creating a healthier outdoor space, here are six pressure washing benefits that will help you justify scheduling this project into your annual spring cleaning.

1. It makes things look nicer

Grease, dirt, bugs, droppings, stains, dust, mildew and mould can make the exterior of your home or business look dingy and unappealing. Additionally, many property owners must deal with the reality of unsightly or offensive graffiti, which can be frustrating.

Luckily, power washing can quickly and easily dispense with these eyesores and ensure that your walkways, driveways, building exteriors and outdoor features look beautiful and clean. For homeowners, this results in an instant boost to curb appeal and property value, while business owners will enjoy the way that their clean building makes a good impression on employees, clients and customers.

2. It helps decrease the need for repairs

Did you know that annual pressure washing can help prevent damage to your building? When mould, mildew, dirt, grime or droppings collect on a surface, they can cause significant damage to paint, wood and even concrete, resulting in costly repainting or repair work. Annual professional pressure washing can help eliminate build-ups before they have a chance to cause expensive or irreparable harm.

3. It can help protect against injuries and ill-health

Mould and grease not only look terrible, but they’re also dangerous. Grease and oil spills can result in slick and slippery trip hazards. Mould, pollen, dust, mildew and bird droppings can destroy the integrity of a surface, contribute to the spread of disease and exacerbate asthma, allergies and other breathing problems. Removing problematic contaminants can prevent slipping and falling injuries and help keep people safer and healthier.

4. It can save you money.

Who doesn’t want to save money? One of the most appealing benefits of power washing your home with a professional is the opportunity to save a bit of cash while still enjoying the effects of a good power wash. Not only does annual power washing work as preventative maintenance to reduce the need for costly repairs, but pressure washing is also one of the most cost-efficient ways to clean driveways, homes, patios, pergolas and other outdoor areas.

Professional power washing services such as Jim’s Cleaning offer even more in the way of cost savings. This is because when you use professional power cleaning services, you don’t have to buy your own equipment or detergents. Additionally, Jim’s Cleaning is fully insured. So in the unlikely event of an accident occurring, you won’t have to worry about paying out of pocket to make things right.

5. It can save you time

Power washing is one of the most simple and effective outdoor cleaning solutions, especially if done by a professional. Professionals have all the necessary knowledge and experience to get the job done quickly, often in as little as a few hours. Doing the same cleaning manually can take days or weeks, and even DIY pressure washing can be more time-consuming than you might think.

6. It’s a greener way to clean.

Environmentally friendly cleaning is just one of the many pressure washing benefits you can enjoy when you work with Jim’s Cleaning. The benefits here are two-fold. First, our team uses gentle detergents to remove stubborn stains, which means that we’re able to keep more abrasive chemicals out of the water system. Second, because high pressure cleans very quickly, we’re able to keep water usage to a minimum and thus get the job done right without wasting precious water.


How long does it take Jim’s Cleaning to pressure wash a driveway?

This depends on how large and dirty the driveway is. For example, driveways with excessive oil or grease stains may require a period of soaking before they can be washed clean. Generally, our team at Jim’s Cleaning can completely clean a standard driveway in just a few hours, thanks to a combination of great equipment and highly experienced team members.

How do you know what pressure to use on different surfaces?

There are lots of dos and don’ts when it comes to pressure washing, and one of the most important is choosing the correct pressure and nozzle for your project. It’s usually best to begin with lower pressure and increase only as needed – in this way, you can avoid damaging the surface being cleaned. For most home projects, a pressure washing with approximately 1,500 PSI (pounds per square inch) should suffice.

Are pressure washers bad for the environment?

Pressure washers are one of the more environmentally friendly options for outdoor cleaning projects, which is one of the main benefits of pressure washing your home. Not only are green detergents available, but pressure washing is also very fast and efficient, using less water and leaving a smaller carbon footprint than alternative methods.

What can Jim’s pressure cleaning services remove with a pressure washer?

Our team is well equipped to remove a variety of unsightly elements from your outdoor areas and building exterior. From graffiti and gum to dirt, mould, hard water and moss, we have the necessary equipment to safely take care of any mess, big or small.

How can using professional pressure washing services save you money?

It may seem tempting to go out and purchase your own pressure washer, but paying for a professional can save you more money in the long run.

  • Accident coverage – Using a pressure washer can be dangerous, and accidents do happen. If you aren’t working with a professional company like Jim’s Cleaning, you may have to pay for damages and injuries out of pocket.
  • Satisfaction guarantee – If you DIY your pressure washing project and don’t like the results – then what? Luckily, our team at Jim’s Cleaning has a Jim’s Work Guarantee, ensuring that you’ll always love the final product.
  • Reduced labour costs – Doing the work yourself will take up valuable hours of your time; paying a professional is often significantly more cost-effective.
  • No rental or purchase costs – A high-quality pressure washer can cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars. And, while renting may be cheaper than buying one, the costs add up fast, thanks to the price of detergents and the propensity for pressure washing projects to take longer for non-professionals than originally planned. When you work with professionals, we provide our own equipment and supplies so you don’t have to.

What health benefits are associated with regular power washing?

Removing dust, mildew, mould, bugs and bird droppings can help prevent the spread of disease and improve the area for those who experience breathing difficulties, asthma or allergies.

Is it better to use Jim’s Cleaning or to DIY for my pressure washing project?

We always recommend that property owners leave power washing to the professionals. Pressure washing can be dangerous, especially if the places that need cleaning are high or hard to reach. Unless you are experienced with working a pressure washer, it can be difficult to understand the best setting for the job. This can lead to inadvertently damaging your own property.

Jim’s Cleaning team members have extensive training and experience that allow them to tailor their pressure cleaning to your property’s unique needs, thus preventing avoidable accidents. Another benefit of using a professional to power wash your home is that there’s no need to buy any expensive equipment or supplies. At Jim’s Cleaning, we’ll come fully prepared to do a quick and thorough job, saving you valuable time and money.

Whether you’re looking for car detailing, concrete cleaning, exterior house washing, brick cleaning or something else entirely, our team is ready to help! Learn more about us and our services by reaching out today.

What different types of pressure washers does Jim’s Cleaning use?

Here at Jim’s Cleaning, we use only the best equipment and products to ensure you receive great results. We employ a range of electric and gas-powered power washers as well as a variety of nozzle types to fit any job you throw at us, big or small.

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