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Jim’s Professional On-Site Drape Cleaning

Call Jim’s Professional On-Site Drape Cleaners to thoroughly clean your curtains. Our qualified team can offer you the choice of steam cleaning or dry cleaning at your home. You needn’t worry about being without curtains for days, as we can clean your drapes while they are hanging.

The Jim’s On-Site Drape Cleaning team are fully insured, police checked and trained to ensure you are 100% happy with the services completed.


Customer Testimonials

“He cleaned the curtains really well. Put in lots of effort” – Div K

“Very happy with the service. Curtain came up very well. Many chairs were cleaned, no complaints, would use you again!” – Mrs Ryba


If your drapes have lost their original look and appear discoloured or dirty, professional curtain cleaning can restore them to like-new condition. You might not realise it, but curtains can collect dust and pet dander as well as other allergens and airborne particles found in your home. Over time, this debris can build up on your curtains’ surface and even work its way deep into the fibres of the material. This in turn can leave your curtains looking dingy.

Frequent vacuuming of your curtains can help to remove some of the surface debris, but it will do little to extract particles deep within the fibres or to restore the look of your drapes. Only professional cleaning services done by a company, like Jim’s Car Detailing, that has years of experience cleaning curtains can help.

We offer both curtain dry cleaning and curtain steam cleaning services conducted right at your home or business. Our cleaning solutions help to clean, disinfect and deodorise your curtains. We can even tackle tough stains and spots to restore the overall appearance of your drapes. Most importantly, we use environmentally friendly materials that are safe to use in homes with pets or small children.

If you need professional on-site curtain cleaning services, contact Jim’s Car Detailing at 0800 454 654 for a free estimate or to schedule cleaning services today.

At Jim’s Car Detailing, we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all pricing or hourly rates. Instead, we base our pricing on the specifics of each project. For example, we’ll take a list of factors into account, such as the number of curtains to be cleaned and the type of material, when calculating the cost of drape and curtain cleaning.

Our cleaning experts work directly with you to determine the scope of the project and to decide which cleaning technique, steam or dry cleaning, is right for your specific situation. Based on this information, we can provide you with a free, no-obligation quote. Our upfront pricing aligns with our solid commitment to providing our customers with the best services possible.

Absolutely. Curtains can be professionally cleaned while hanging. While some cleaning companies don’t offer this level of convenience, our team at Jim’s Car Detailing does. When you work with us, you won’t have to worry about trying to take your curtains down just to hang them back up when the cleaners are done. Even if the cleaning company offers to remove and rehang the curtains for you, it may take several days to complete the cleaning process.

Thanks to our state-of-the-art equipment, we can steam clean or dry clean your curtains while they’re still hanging. Our convenient curtain cleaning service means less disruption to your home and eliminates the need to go days without the privacy window curtains provide.

Many high-quality drapes include an extra backing, typically made from a rubber material. This added layer of protection is ideal for blocking out the sun and keeping your energy costs down, but they do require some special care during the cleaning process.

For basic cleaning, you can use a damp cloth and simply wipe the backing down. When it comes to a deeper clean, however, the process is more delicate. This type of cleaning requires low-heat solutions that are powerful enough to deep clean the material without causing any type of damage or shrinkage.

Over our 20 years of cleaning experience, our team has worked with nearly all types of curtain materials. We know exactly which cleaning solutions work best for each type of curtain backing. To ensure a top-quality clean, our drapery cleaning experts start by examining your curtains and backing to determine which cleaning methods provide a safe, yet thorough, clean.

Curtains come in a variety of colours, fabrics and styles, so naturally, they have different cleaning requirements. Most curtains come with cleaning instructions or simply state “dry clean only.”

If the cleaning instructions for your drapes state “dry clean only,” it’s imperative that you follow this recommendation. Machine washing these types of curtains poses a substantial risk for excess damage or shrinkage, which could destroy the overall look of your curtain. Just one cycle through the washing machine could force you to purchase all new draperies.

Even curtains that aren’t marked “dry clean only” are prone to damage in standard washing machines. If not done properly, your curtains could become discoloured, shrink or lose their shape. Additionally, basic home washing machines are not powerful enough to remove all the dirt and debris that has worked its way deep into the curtain’s fibres.

The best way to make sure your curtains keep their shape and colour is with professional curtain cleaning services. Whether you choose curtain dry cleaning or curtain steam cleaning, our professional cleaners will ensure that they are restored to like-new condition.

If you’re asking yourself, “How can I find professional curtain dry cleaning near me?” our team at Jim’s Car Detailing is here to help. Not only do we bring with us more than 20 years of cleaning experience, but we maintain a solid reputation for providing top-quality services at an affordable rate.

Our cleaning experts are fully insured and undergo extensive training in all types of curtain-cleaning techniques. We also conduct comprehensive police background checks as an added layer of security for our customers.

What truly puts us ahead of the competition is that all of our offices are owned by small business owners that are committed to serving customers right in their local area. These proud business owners are dedicated to providing top-quality services each and every time. We are so sure of their commitment to quality that we offer a Jim’s Work Guarantee.

If your curtains have lost their original beauty, don’t consider purchasing new ones until you call Jim’s Car Detailing. Our cleaning experts can come to your home and offer the ideal cleaning solutions to restore the look and smell of your curtains. No job is too big or too small for our team to handle. We even offer free estimates so you can compare our rates to the cost of purchasing new curtains.

You don’t have to live with those dingy curtains another day. Instead, contact Jim’s Car Detailing at 0800 454 654 to learn more about our professional Australia-wide curtain cleaning options or to request a free, no-obligation quote.

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