How To Remove Stains From Carpet

If you live anywhere in Australia, you’re already familiar with how easily our carpets can stain. Dirt, grime, and foot traffic can fade colours and brightness over time, while spilled drinks, food crumbs, and cosmetics can make a huge mess of carpets and common areas. And thanks to kids, movers, pets or previous tenants, keeping carpets clean may seem like an impossible feat.

Stains and discolourations are a natural part of life — but that doesn’t mean unwelcome blemishes are here to stay. In fact, a little time, talent, and hard work is all you need to restore carpets to their former glory. If you partner with the professionals at Jim’s Carpet Cleaning, your carpets might look better than they ever have!

Follow along as we discuss the ins and outs of carpet stain removal, common carpet stain removers and techniques, prescribing solutions and expand on the pros and cons of professional cleaning products.

The best carpet stain remover techniques

As you begin the process of remedying your carpets, be sure you know exactly what to do next. Follow these tips to ensure the best possible outcome:

  • Never use hot water to fix a stain. High-temperature solutions may actually cause your stains to set deeper into the carpet, making your life even more complicated.
  • Avoid stains from ever reaching your carpet by setting some actionable ground rules. Don’t allow food and drink to be consumed in sensitive carpeted areas. Use rugs to hide light-coloured carpets and protect them from high traffic areas in your home. Vacuum or steam clean often to remove dirt buildup and other unwanted residues.
  • Have your carpet regularly treated with professional carpet cleaning services. At Jim’s Carpet Cleaning, we provide dozens of options to home and business owners, ranging from steam and dry cleaning to water damage restoration.

If you’re searching for carpet stain removal services, book a professional carpet cleaning with Jim’s Carpet Cleaning at your earliest convenience. Still deciding? Our team would be happy to offer a quote through our online contact forms or provide additional details over the phone.

The pros and cons of professional carpet stain remover

Some carpet stains, such as red wines, lipsticks, and candle wax, require more elbow grease than others. These severe stains can’t be addressed with cold water alone and require a professional approach to cleaning and successful removal. Situations in which you might want to consider professional carpet stain remover products include:

  • The stains you’re working with have existed before your occupancy (apartments, rental homes, etc.).
  • You’re dealing with a unique stain that doesn’t respond to other treatment methods.
  • The stain in question is particularly obvious and bothersome (something that cannot be covered by a rug).

Professional grade over-the-counter products are an excellent step in the right direction. However, these chemicals may not work in all circumstances.

Instances when you might not want to use professional carpet cleaners, include:

  • You or your family members have specific allergies or chemical intolerances. Strong products may be hazardous to children, pets, and vulnerable adults when not applied by professionals.
  • You’re not sure how the product will interact with your carpet. Some products may actually stain your carpet irreversibly, deepening the stains further.
  • You don’t have time to apply complicated solutions to your carpet.

With all these considerations, it’s clear that the best and most efficient method of stain removal is obtaining professional products from professional cleaners. Jim’s Carpet Cleaning makes it easy to acquire professionals for home cleaning services with dozens of franchises in Australia.

How to remove stains from carpets using DIY methods

If a professional carpet stain remover isn’t quite what you’re looking for, you may want to consider homemade remedies that address stained or discoloured sections of your rug. As mentioned previously, be sure to test your mixture on a small or unnoticeable portion of the carpet to check for any problems. Here’s how you can start with three of the easiest recipes:

  • Fabric softener solution — Combine half a cup of fabric softener, a gallon of water, a cup of vinegar, and a tablespoon of clear detergent to restore carpets with lighter stains.
  • Baking soda and vinegar — If you’re a little light on time, baking soda and vinegar is an ideal solution. Just sprinkle a cup or two over the stained area, then spray some white vinegar on top. Allow the mixture to sit for about five or ten minutes, then vacuum and repeat.
  • Cold water — Yes, cold water can work wonders on immediate stains. Start by pouring cold water onto the stain before scrubbing with a fine-toothed brush. Repeat the process several times for best results, and be sure not to apply too much pressure while scrubbing as that might destroy the carpet.

Of course, these DIY carpet stain remover recipes are anything but flawless. You’re not likely to get perfect results without multiple applications. Stains that have already dried into the carpet — particularly red wines and oils — will almost always require professional remedies.

What is the best carpet stain remover for common discolourations?

Different carpets get stained by different things. Whether you’re a pet owner or a frequent coffee drinker, your carpet staining risk is always dependent on individual circumstances.

Let’s take a closer look at common stains that plague Australian carpets, as well as the techniques used to get them out:

  • Dirt — As one of the most ordinary stains on this list, dirt is a continuing issue for Australian carpets. Thankfully, it’s also one of the most addressable as well. Shaving cream cuts through a wide variety of dirt-related stains — while steam cleaners take care of all types of deep-seated discolourations.
  • Coffee — Frequent coffee drinkers are aware of how risky a mug slip can be. Thankfully, coffee stains can be addressed with some cold water and vinegar. Just blot any excess coffee with a paper towel, then sprinkle the area with a tablespoon of baking soda.
  • Pets — When we have four-legged friends, accidents are bound to happen. Scoop any above-ground messes with a pair of gloves, then blot (don’t scrub) any liquid remains. With these accidents, baking soda goes a long way toward managing odour and persistent scents.

Like it or not, hundreds of substances can stain your carpets at home. If you’re dealing with a blemish, patch, or dark spot that just won’t come out, Jim’s Carpet Cleaning has your back.

Why Jim’s Carpet Cleaning is the best carpet stain removal service

With more than thirty years of experience in the professional cleaning space, Jim’s Carpet Cleaning has provided professional carpet stain removal services to homes and businesses all over Australia. We’re passionate about making a real difference for our customers by doing everything we can to make their lives a little simpler.

At Jim’s Carpet Cleaning, we understand that no two carpets are alike. That’s why all our approaches are customised to the client’s specific needs and preferences. Our premium carpet cleaning services include:

With Jim’s Carpet Cleaning, you can make carpet stains nothing but a distant memory. Request a free quote today or contact our team to discuss how we can restore your residential or commercial carpets.

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