Chat With Your Local Expert: Jim’s Cleaning

Chat With Your Local Expert: Jim's Cleaning

Have you ever wondered what our cleaning experts wish you knew? What services they love providing you and what products they recommend? We sat down with Taylor & Jane who are the local cleaning experts for Goulburn North to pick their brains on the questions you would like to know!

What would you say is your most popular service?

Our most popular service would be a regular fortnightly clean. These cleans are actually our favourite service to do as well, as we get to know how clients on a more personal level. We love knowing how happy we make our clients and it’s so great to be able to get to a level of friendship where they feel comfortable telling us about their day and what coming home to a clean home means to them.

What do you wish your customers knew before a service?

We are always grateful for any and all appreciation shown to us from our clients. We love receiving Christmas, birthday and thank you cards, however, a simple recommendation to friends and family is our number 1 wish!

What are your 3 go-to products and why?

    • Halo glass cleaner.
      • Leaves all glass and metal surfaces clean, shiny, & streak free first time, every time!
    • Jim’s Hard Floor Cleaner
      • This product leaves your floors clean and streak free every time. It even keeps working after we have left due to the little enzymes! We have not had any complaints about our floors since we started using this
    • Busta Crème Cleanser
      • Easily removes even the toughest of marks from any sink, stovetop, bath  or wall without any residual damage.

What is the best tip you would give to your customers?

    • On the day of service, give the home a small de-clutter. The more area we can get to easily and quickly, the better job we are able to do!
      Some people have even made a game of putting everything away with their younger children so that when we arrive, all surfaces are clear ready for us to clean them to perfection!


You can follow Taylor & Jane on Facebook for more tips and tricks on how to get the most out of our services as well as some great tips to keep your home clean in between visits! Jim’s Cleaning Goulburn North Facebook

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